Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

To keep a tradition alive I will explain my featured image and the blog title. So cartridge paper roll→paper→toilet paper roll→rollin’rollin’rollin’. Simple as that.

We had to pick two sketches from our sketchbook: one man-made object and one organic and then draw it on A1 paper in black and white.

Here are my babies.

From this perspective it doesn’t look as bad. I have messed up his arms though. It looks too short. I quite like the texture of the lines in the background. I have done drawing on A1 before but it wasn’t laid flat and I had more time for it.

When I did this picture I must say that the ink and a brush was in control of me rather than the other way round as it should be. It’s Chinese ink that I have used before to do cartoons but only on a small paper so I wasn’t quite sure how much water to use and it just didn’t go as planned. Oh well at least I’ve tried and now I know what to do and what not to do. By the way that’s a head of a chimpanzee in a jar.


We have used huge roll of cartridge paper. We had to literally climb on the table to draw. Thanks God it didn’t break under my excessive weight.

I love the purple touch my team added to fill out the spaces.

And here is my addition.

Okey don’t get the wrong ideas. The thing between his legs is supposed to be his waistcoat but it went all wrong ha. And yes Charlie Chaplin looks like Hitler. I find black marker tricky to use because you have to be confident with it, plus it gets  you high if you smell it for too long. I have also added on grey charcoal.

It looks a bit like she is wearing Pampers but that’s what the doll looked like 🙈 I just love to mock my work. Charcoal is not something that I use often so I didn’t feel quite confident with it and yes I am making excuses.

I must say that drawing on such a big scale was a challenge especially for me, person who has no sense of proportion or symmetry. Team work proved to be more of a pleasure as we all got on really well and our team was rather enthusiastic.

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