“Let the haters hate”

This guys story reminds me a bit of me. He has done MA in Sociology and have done various not art related jobs before in his late twenties decided to pursue a new career.

Alec Dudson, editor-in-chief, Intern Magazine



He experienced ageism which I thought that in the UK was very much not a problem anymore. Alec stood his ground and thought back haters and prove them wrong.

I personally only take into consideration comments from people who have knowledge about the industry and I only care about constructive critique. If I cared about every negative, hating person I would just have to lock myself in the bedroom and never come out. It’s a tough world out there so you have to be tougher yourself.

As a mature student I have very much experienced attempts of mobbing, discrimination and even racism at my workplace and you would be surprised how it only makes you more immune to it. The attempts were unsuccessful as I don’t rise up to such behaviour which most probably comes from their own insecurities.

I know it’s sounds very repetitive and boring but he is an example where hard work, persistence and focus does pay off. Not everyone is lucky enough to be in position where everything goes relatively smooth. If anyone thinks that it will all fall into pieces somehow there are in for a shock.

Alec’s presentation was inspirational to me and as you can see I have talked very little about his work but focused on myself. How selfish 🙂

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