Knowledge overdose

If you haven’t had enough reviews here is one more. We had Level 5 student talking about their project NEAT which they will be selling at the Christmas Market. Also we had a sneak peek into other students sketchbooks and we had a preparation for our assesment next week.

This course for me it’s not something that I am forced to do or expected to do by someone else but it’s for my personal development. Every task we are given I take as a challenge not as a punishement.


Every time we speak to students from higher levels I learn something new. I am always keen on seeing others sketchbooks because I haven’t had one before.

When I started my sketchbook It looked like a book. I would describe all my drawings and the progress with words rather than images. This is an old habit that I am trying to ditch. I know I need to focus on showing my experimantation and research, basically how I came up with ideas. I need to get into a habit of recording my process rather than just focusing on the final piece.

Blogging is where I can do my talking and sketchbook will be only for visual communication. I learn simple things like whenever I have a digital work instead of priting it off and glueing in I can just draw it. Also I wasn’t sure if I can include any sketches that I are not related to my module.

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