Brain frying exercise

Today’s session was a lot of fun. We had  a brief of 100 tasks to do, each in 2 minutes. We were given this exercise to do at the very beginning after being accepted to the University and I must say I have done few but I would skip the ones I had no ideas for. Today I found out that the idea is always there you just need to focus and don’t care much about the drawing itself.

Have a look at it for yourself.

Here is just few out of the 100 which I liked the best:

25: Design a new ‘lover’s feature in a garden.

33. Design a fairground ride.

96. What would be your superhero power? Draw it

44. What would you name your boat and draw her.

32. Design a tv sequence for a programme about empty houses.

85. Design a new function on your TV and design a symbol on your remote control.


You had to think fast and draw fast. It reminded me of the Sketchmeet ( blog #Sketchmeet) which I try to attend regularly ,however you get more time there. I think that sometimes when I focus too much on executing my idea I take away the meaning or the message from it. Sometimes it’s the other way round. 

I am finally happy that my “rude” sense of humour is not looked down on and there is many like minded people in my course. When I have worked in finance my mouth would always get me into trouble. I never necessarily cared if people get my jokes or not because there is many people whose humour is not advanced and sadly there are some that have none. It actually feels good not being bound by taboo topics and not being afraid to express your views regardless of what others think. Freedom of mind is the best freedom you can get.

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