Screen printing session

I have been looking forward to this session as recently I have seen some great posters made using screen printing technique. There was a lot to take in today and hopefully I can still remember the whole process by Thursday when we can get our hands on it. I like the fact that we will be allowed to use the studio individually as I prefer to work by myself, it lets me focus more.


Don’t get me wrong but this was room reminds me a bit of butchers with all the red spillage on the wall. At least after today I know it can get really messy so I can prepare myself  for Thursday. I must say that I prefer to work in the environment like this rather than do everything digitally and be stuck in front of the computer for hours.

Once everything was set up we got a chance to do one print each by ourselves. The paint we have used was lemon yellow so it looks too bright on this paper. We still haven’t discovered the full potential of what can be created using screen printing but the best way to do it is to practice by yourself and discover new possibilities.

All the knowledge that we have gathered during “Critical Design Thinking” became useful as we will be assembling a zine again. This time we are in a group of 5 and zine will consist of 8 pages. My group is: Kat, Iman, Numedia, Shannon.

This is just an example for now, with my pictures 1, 3,4,5,7 just to see what it may look like, however each one of us needs to chip in with at least one drawing. I must say the images look good in black and white. Now all I need to do is to think what type and colour of paper I want to use when doing the screen print of this zine.

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