Project 1: Activism

Obviously quite a lot to take in for today and I kind of missed that feeling of my brain feeling overloaded as in the end it feels like it has expanded a bit.

I will be referring a lot to the last year as I wanna show what I have learnt from it and how much progress I have made.

Feeling confused yet confident was a very familiar feeling when we were introduced to the Project 1: Activism. Even though the studio I have been given wasn’t my first choice (neither second) I am very optimistic and enthusiastic about it. The only reason why I haven’t picked this studio is pure laziness. I knew this one requires a lot of work and it will be intellectually challenging. I wanted to have an easy year so as I can focus on promoting myself in my spare time. I always had faith in my tutors and I know exactly why I have been placed in this studio.

Day one and I am already buzzing with ideas. I decided to research an activist whose believes would be very close to my heart. I came across East End Sisters Uncut. Sisters Uncut is a British feminist direct action group founded in 2014. They oppose to cuts to UK government services for domestic violence victims.

What I love most about them is how down to earth they are and the bravery they have, something a lot of people lack these days. Many people chose the easier way which is follow what society dictates and keep quiet as having your own believes and fighting against oppression is too much to take on. Not just my head but also my heart is already in it so it’s going to be a very interesting journey.

In my next blog I will share what I have researched so far about Sisters Uncut and historical connections to their movement and also the events that they were part of and I want to focus on more.




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