Critical Thinking and Design Thinking

In today’s workshop we have discussed critical thinking and design thinking. There are many ways of thinking and as creative people we have to think about the way we think.

We don’t just simply design and create. We engage our mind in the process and we go beyond the conventional way of thinking. Asking questions, challenging the ideas, considering all possible options, even if it doesn’t make much sense to us at the time and doesn’t seem logical. We do it over and over again until we come up with the solution.

5 stages in Design Thinking

  • empathise: empathic understating of the problem
  • define (the problem): gather information and define core problems
  • ideate: start generating ideas
  • prototype: The solutions are implemented within the prototypes and, one-by-one, they are investigated and either accepted, improved and re-examined, or rejected on the basis of the users’ experiences.
  • test

We were also introduced to the Double Diamond Process. Even though every designer has a different approach and ways of working there are still some commonalities to the creative process.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 16.52.10

I always enjoy workshops as I always learn something new and it helps me to regain my focus and be more aware of how I approach each project. I need to make sure that I give everything more thought and dig deeper before I come up with the solution.

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