Market Ready-product design

Our task is to develop a proposal for a product that sells our course to prospective students. What comes with it is development of design agency and brand, promotional plan and display for the market.

This is a group project. After last year I am confident that group project is not my type of thing unless I am working with highly motivated, hardworking and reliable people. This is going to be a challenge on a different level for me however that doesn’t demotivate me or hinders me in any way.  I will still do my very best and put in as much work as required to pull this project through.

Coming up with the ideas for the name of our design agency is a challenge as it should be.  There is a lot to consider and research to be done and at the beginning seems overwhelming. I can already feel that this will be a huge learning curve for me.

I have noted down few questions to ask myself as a starting point based on this website:

  1. What is your vision, values and passion? Your business should reflect that.
  2. Who do you want to attract?
  3. Or would you prefer to be a little more intriguing and not reveal too much?
  4. What image does your business name create in their head about your business?

I have also read about other people’s experience in how they came up with ideas for their business names.

Now it’s time to crack on with the research trying to come up with ideas for a product. What I may find tricky is for the product to be down to earth, simple and practical. My ideas always go off totally different routes.

How about a questionnaire that we could hand in to all students around university and place a little box in the library for them to return it?  We could find out more about what will they need to make their life at uni easier or what sort of problems they are facing on daily basis. Also it would be a good laugh as I know some students will write down cheeky stuff on it. I would ha

As we speak I am creating the next blog post about potential ideas….

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