Product design ideas

First of all we needed to pick an audience for our product that we will target. I was thinking of narrowing it down to specifically students and their struggle to remember things and keep things organised. Having organisers and notebooks is not a solution as I know on my own experience I don’t sometimes even look at it or I can’t remember when I have noted things down.

Time is passing and we need to decided on the product as there is still a lot of work ahead of us. We cracked on with work then.

We have planned to give out a questionnaire trying to find out what would make students life easier. Now that we know our focus we can narrow the questionnaire down to: “What are the things you lose or forget most?”, “Why could that be”, “Any suggestions what would help to prevent it?”

For example one thing that I can think of right now is how many students lose their USB drives. I have seen some posters recently where students look for their lost USB. I decided to research online forums to see how big the problem is. This is what I came across:

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 06.22.40

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 13.54.25

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 13.33.47

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 13.36.42

Seems like the struggle is real…What caught my attention is the fact that students most often lose their USB sticks at school by simply leaving it in the back of the computer. Thinking about it I have realised that I have almost done it myself before and that there is no real way to remember that your USB is plugged in as you cannot see it. Leaving post it notes around is not efficient enough.

I have then carried on with the research to see if there are any solutions to this problem out there.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 21.42.32.png
GPS tracking device
bluetooth device with an app

All I have found was various electronic devices which heavily rely on smartphone apps and GPS or bluetooth. However this may solve the problem once the item is lost already. If it’s not lost at home then what are the chances of finding it? But how do we prevent it from happening in the first place?

As we needed to think of something that would prompt students to take the USB drive out of the slot once they finish their work, I came up with an idea of the USB indicator.


That is when we started to brainstorm our ideas about the group name as we already knew what our audience is and the focus of our agency.

Names we came up with so far for our design agency:

  • struggles
  • forget me not
  • just forget it
  • unforgettable
  • mindset design
  • mindless

And many more…Basically names that revolve around the thought of a struggle with memory, mind but also how we can help with the struggle and offer easy solutions and also affordable as we don’t want students to be more stressed about having to spend money.

We have slowly narrowed it down to “Strugless”. Now let’s crack on with research to design the logo, prepare our group manifesto and many more. We have roles divided between us but we still discuss the progress and communicate on our group chat.

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