“You can’t beat my soul”

Letterpress workshop

 It kind of felt like I have used it for the first time in my life. One thing that hasn’t changed is my lack of concentration when it comes to working with type. Working with wooden type is a lot easier than the metal ones however somehow filling out the gaps between the words gave me a hard time. The slogan I have came up with and decided to work with was “You can’t beat my soul” as my theme is about the domestic violence. Even though women suffer physical and emotional abuse their real spirit will never be destroyed. It can be scared but not broken.

Getting all the letters together

When there are letters missing you have to turn on your problem solving skills…zero instead of “o”? why not…it kind of looks like some creature looking at you…

That was the hardest part..filling out the gaps..that looks a bit like a Frankestein to me and after printing some letters stuck to the paper and came out.. oopsie

I wanted to use colours blue and red and when two colours come together it looks purple. Purple will be my main colour to symbolise bruising but also purple is the colour of domestic violence awareness. This was my inspiration.

This has been achieved by mixing colours with the roller before applying it and adding drops of white spirit to create that blending effect on word “mind”. I will try those techniques next time I am in as I am really keen on achieving this effect. Sadly that is my outcome from today.

That’s when I ask myself what’s wrong with me. I got two letters the wrong way round?
You can see that the paint is very oily and it doesn’t mix up just by putting it together on the roller one by one. I still like the dotted effect.

That is why I always preferred hands on techniques as there is always something random coming out.

Even though colours mixed a bit better here still it doesn’t look like purple but black as blue paint was way too dark

Why not cheat a bit using an Illustrator and Photoshop


Trying to mix paint in Photoshop and get this effect.


beat ai
Got purple in the end just by simply tracing an image using 3 colours option
Okey I might be taking it too far now. Used my good old Adobe Capture app and created this retro 80’s poster

Editing image digitally has no limits. I am getting more into the options that it gives you and playing around with original hand made images makes it more personal as the fond is not just something that I have picked from the list of available fonts.

I will post a separate blog about second part of the day which was laser cutting workshop and image preparation as per usual I have too much to say.

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