Laser cutting and engraving workshop

Second part of the day we were introduced to laser cutting and engraving. We have focused more on preparing an image for the laser cut rather than the process itself. That session made me consider a lot of things about my image. There cannot be too many undefined, smudgy lines, you need to think which lines you want to be cut out and which you want to keep. Also how detailed you want your image or type to be.

Here are few example that we were shown.

laser cut2laser cut

What impressed me the most is how immaculate and neat the cut is. It makes the design look very professional. I have always been a fun of designs engraved in wood and I love how 3D it looks from far away.

What I found confusing was the image preparation when it comes to use of colours codes. It made sense at the time but by now all the knowledge is gone. Not a big deal though as there are sites you can check where it explains everything. For instance:

Speaking of image preparation I still find it quite tricky to visually represent my ideas and still not helping myself but not practicing enough. I have done a drawing just to start of with. Because my slogan is “You can’t beat my soul” I have drawn a lady which has been visibly abused but there are blossoming flowers coming out of her chest and it represents her soul which is still very much alive and flourishing.

final for laser cut
Vectorised image using black and white logo tracing option

Obviously I still need to involve the image to make the message clearer and consider colour coding for the laser cut. My aim was to keep ladies face simple as the flowers will be more detailed so the image overall won’t look too clattered.



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