Domestic violence campaigns

As part of a research for my project Activism I have looked at the campaigns from around the world to see how the problem is being tackled. All of the campaigns contain element of shock and are very brutal. In the end of the day the problem is serious and whatever is shown in those campaigns is someone’s reality so it is definitely not exaggerated.

UK “Don’t suffer at the hands of a partner”

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 11.08.47.png

At first I thought these were cuts and scars but the letters are formed from hands. That gives me an idea to create a collage where the word “relationship” or “love” is formed and it looks nice from far but when you look closer you can see it is made of abusive words.


Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 11.11.09.png

These women’s scars are shaped like the sound waves of the violent words. Showing the power of emotional abuse and how it can scar for life.


This campaign shows in a very disturbing way how the abuse never stops on it’s own. That is why it is important to recognise signs at a very early stage before it progresses to the stage when women are mentally too weak to act or fear for their life.

United Arab Emirates

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 11.24.36.png
Dramatic marriage that started with a ring and continued with a broken bone.

This reminds me of my interpretation of different meanings of the ring. Quick sketch I have done. I am improving when it comes to sketching my ideas straight away even if I don’t think is the greatest. This way I can practice visually expressing my ideas.


“That is not the ring I wanted to wear”

I was trying to express how women feel trapped and unhappy in relationships and very often they become someone they don’t want to be just to please their partner. They give up on the social life or their social life is being controlled by their partner. Maybe “I shouldn’t have drawn a lady in the kitchen as it indicates too much that being a house wife means that women are being forced to be one?


Once again very powerful campaign. A lot of people don’t react to other people’s problems as they see it as private, domestic issues so they shouldn’t get involved.


Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 11.55.19.png

This innovative way demonstrates how women suffer in silence. Their perpetrator knows how to make a good impression in front of strangers raising no suspicions but no one knows what is happening behind closed door.

This moving film demonstrates how women make excuses for domestic violence like “oh, I just fell down the stairs”. Reading comments below this video on youtube can easily show you people’s attitude towards this issue: ignorance, women blaming for being with their partner. Some people’s views are very shallow and narrow minded, it’s scary how some people have no sense of empathy and understanding of this issue.


This short film shows how family and friends participate in domestic violence by ignorance and silence. A lot of people turn a blind eye on it leaving the victim to suffer in isolation.


In my next blog I will show some of my experimentation as I finally make more progress and once I get an idea I draw it straight away once its fresh in my head. I used to write ideas down as I never knew how to approach it or draw it but now my aim is to just go for it. Even if it comes out wonky or not the way I wanted it to it’s just a practice and I need it to be able to improve.

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