“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

People who experience psychological abuse feel scared not just of the perpetrator but also of expressing their feelings and sharing their experiences. The sense of insecurity can be overwhelming. What I imagined it as is entering a dark forest on your own, not knowing what is ahead of you but still having hope that the darkness and fear cannot last forever and that there is a better life out there but you have to get through the bad times first. Also it could be that you feel like the abuse is like living in a dark scary forest when you have to try and find your way out.

I have made a small forest using decoration moss and modelling clay. I have placed it in the cardboard box and made a little hole in the back to shine the light through. Once again I will be using photography to capture the atmosphere. This reminded me of when I was doing my animation and making miniature scenes in the cardboard box. I almost forgot how much I have actually enjoyed doing it. I love miniatures so that was a pleasure to make.


I wanted to play with the light and how that could be looked at is that there is always a hope, that you have to go through pain to break through and find the positive outcome.


I have taken over a hundred pictures with different settings and here just some of the outcomes.




I have only edited one image as I think this was came out the best out of all.


You can see that the forest looks intimidating, scary and doesn’t give you sense of security.

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