“Look what you made me do”

Guilt is just another feeling present when it comes to emotional abuse. Unfortunately this emotion is not being expressed by the abuser but being induced on a victim as a way to achieve control and power. Making you believe that your actions or words are the reasons for his aggressive outbursts it can leave you confused and questioning yourself and believing that you are to blame. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that? Maybe my dress was too tight? I really hurt him when I behave like that.

I was playing with light and shadow to express how I see the feeling of guilt. It feels like a an illusion when you don’t know what to believe anymore. You start questioning yourself and the state of confusion makes you take a blame and also be ashamed of your actions. The rational judgement of the situation is being compromised. You enter the conflict between your awareness that is being shadowed by the words that abuser have said in order to guilt trip you. The light parts are when you think rationally that it wasn’t your fault then overwhelmed by the shadows that are the abuser accusations.

I had to upload my experimentation on Youtube to be able to share it.

Guilt itself is a very negative emotion and is not a good motivator. The feeling of guilt can make you lose the focus and distract you from everyday life. Feeling guilty can be seen as a flashing light that keeps distracting you. Its like a snoozing alarm that keeps going off in your head. You keep playing the situation in your head over and over again trying to make the sense out of it while being influenced by the abusers accusations.

I haven’t used the arm as an indicator that this is about the domestic violence but I just randomly put my hand in front of the flash to see what happens.


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