Pamphlet workshop

This workshop aimed to help us collate all of our experimentation we have done so far and make it work with type, quotations and explanation of cause for our activism project. One of our outcomes for the Activism project is to explain the cause.

We had a student from the level above presenting her pamphlet about movement.

Once again when I was experimenting with images I haven’t taken text into consideration. I need to make sure that the text works well with my images.

I could try and make the text illustrative. For instance the image below where I have created an underwater world in a jar (When no one is on your side… ) I could print text on acetate, laminate it and then place it in a jar and take pics. Same with the little forest props that I made. I have kept all the props so I can still experiment with it.


Below it’s an experiment of how I could also use it with other images. The text will be printed and the material I have used here was a lot weaker and thinner than acetate so you can see the folds.

fear acetate

Because of my projects theme and the images that I have my aim is to make the pamphlet quite poetic as I am showing the emotions that women go through when subjected to domestic and emotional abuse. I don’t just want to make it like any leaflet.

At the same time I need to remember that the pamphlet has to be informative and contain valuable information. What I will do is include information on what emotional abuse is and how it can affect you and also how to recognise signs of abuse, also useful information on how to get help. I will also use testimonials of the victims that went through it. I could use quotes from this documentary that I watched and it was really emotional and at the same time frustrating.

My very quick mock up:


The cover.

I haven’t thought about the layout too much before I glued the images on. I have used the images of ashes as I liked the texture. I have placed the text behind the image as it’s hidden.


I have been advised not to place the text on top of the image but the one below kind of works for me. I will try to experiment with it digitally.


This workshop definitely brought me closer to how I want my pamphlet to look like. I need to experiment with it more as there is still a lot of tricky bits that I am not sure how to do.

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