Publishing workshop

This workshop once again helped me to think about my pamphlet’s layout etc. Now it’s time to experiment more. The tutor that we had a session with has a great experience in publishing so there is no better person to get advise from. He has taken us through the whole process when you are first handed in the brief:


Seeing the process he has gone through while designing a leaflet for Jeremy Tankard was very useful as we were told about what can go wrong in the process as well. Revising the work done is important as we can go over our work and analyse if things can be done better or spot potential mistakes.


What is important is to do the visual layout of the publication. It’s called a flat plan and it’s equivalent of a storyboard for a film. We have done just that in the Indesign.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 22.14.02.png

I must say that I tend to do too much visualisation in my head rather than in my sketchbook or digitally and seeing this layout makes the whole task a bit more approachable.

Like our tutor has advised us not to make things too predictable and flat in a sense that you know what to expect from each page. Because my topic is very serious I want to use the element of shock in it. That could be achieved either by the use of colour that stands out from the rest maybe different type or strange layout. I just need to remember not to overdo it and keep it easy for people to understand. I will try to avoid achieving it through shocking images as I don’t want my pamphlet to be too predictable.

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