Independent study task

This is one of the slides from our study task which I will try to complete by visiting the sites regularly. This can also be where I can look up the practitioners and see what’s out there at the moment.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 18.40.33.png

I have visited The Dots last year when we were first introduced to it however what put me off was the fact that this site is for professionals mainly. I absolutely haven’t got any professional work that I could show and seek employment in the industry.

Creative boom is a site full of advice and worth checking as it will bring you closer to what is required from you if you want to join creative industry.

Few tips I have noted:

  1. take more risks
  2. find confidence to sell your ideas
  3. fight the good fight -focus on things that are worth the fight rather than waste energy on jobs that you don’t agree with.
  4. appreciate the criticism
  5. it always feels scary at the beginning
  6. ask heaps of questions
  7. trust your teachers
  8. experiment, experiment, experiment
  9. push yourself
  10. great design takes time

I think those tips are very straight to the point. I think that the most important one for me is to experiment as you can have all other skills but the technical skills are as important as you need to be able to produce professional work and show the level of your creativity.

My favourite recommended site was AOI as I have signed up for newsletter before and that’s how I got informed about the Illustration Fair which I will be attending. This one seems the most relevant for me.

This site is not just great because it promotes illustrators and brings you closer to what’s out there but also takes care of practical and very important information that only specialists can help you with,  for instance: pricing, portfolio consultation, contract advice etc. If you are starting up as a freelance illustrator this site will be great. Note that you have to sign up to be a membership first but student membership costs only £6.34 a month and you may think that is a lot as a student but trust me you most probably would spent a lot more on booze monthly.

I am still a bit lost when it comes to promoting my work out there and get a solid advice on how to go about it and all the technicalities involved hopefully I would get answers here. Also I would love some honest opinion on where do I fit in the market. I am aware how much work and time takes to be able to make money doing what you truly love. I have only started with art last year so pressure is on me and the pressure comes from myself as I don’t have anyone else to motivate me and it’s all up to me what I want to do with my future. Also I know I am a hot head and I overthink things but that keeps my engines going as I know when I relax too much I can waste too much time. I think that last year I was too scared to even look at sites likes this as it’s overwhelming. Changing the industry at this stage of my life was a big yet scary step. Literally starting from nothing I have to be realistic that I want to chase up my dream yet I get no support from anyone so I need to make sure that I stay in employment as I cannot afford to have breaks to sit down and look for a dream job.

I have bookmarked all of the pages and signed up for AOI. This study tasks definitely made me think a lot more about the professional world that is out there and I wish we were introduced closer in the first year so as we would know that we need to step up the game. I need to keep the motivation going now.

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