Pamphlet digital experimentation

Because I am working with photographs I was stuck with how I am going to lay the pictures out so as it doesn’t look clattered and confusing. When I was playing around with the coloured acetate it gave me an idea to change the colour of the images to one: torn between blue and yellow or simply black and white. Some of the image work better than others.

Inside pages

Instead of quotations to kind of inspire women or describe emotional abuse I opted to use quotations of the survivors of domestic abuse as I believe the is the best way to bring people closer to what women are/were going through.

At the beginning I wanted to have a landscape pamphlet so I have created pages in the landscape mode.

I have tested it with coloured images:

And also black and white images:

When I decided on the layout I also had to change the pages. I decided to stick with black and white images as it seems more toned down.

I have also had a quick idea to mix up colours but quickly realised it looks too much like a rainbow now.

how about mixe up 2

The poster 

The inside part will have a poster which I decided to use this picture for.

poster 2.jpg

The cover

Considering the idea I have adapted about the fold of my pamphlet ( Pamphlet design research) I have made a mock up of what the cover would look like. I have opted for grey colour. There will be four sections: front, what is emotional abuse, how to spot emotional abuse and who can I talk to.

After folding the pamphlet I visualised how the poster that is inside would look like through the small gap.


I have also tested out how will it look like if the opposite pages had the same colour. It looks a bit too colourful but it’s just a test.

indesign-cover-3.jpgAnalysing it now I can see that every page looks the same and it makes it a bit dull. Especially pages will be right next to each other.

One thing that I need to reconsider again is the quotes from the victims and how does it go with the images.

There will be still more tests done on this so look put for my next blogs.

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