Graphic Novel workshop

This workshop run by Dr. Andrew Cutting was exactly what I would expect from this course. We had a pleasure to work with students from creative writing and literature courses.

We have kicked off the workshop with analysing an exempt from a graphic novel. Analysis involved trying to understand the mood of the novel and also get to know the character and her story. When I was in high school I was in the literature class so that kind of reminded me of my school days.

FullSizeRender 5

We have had many more examples of graphic novels. IMG_6012

Second part of the worksop was bang on what I enjoy doing. I must say that maybe my technical skills need improving but when it comes to imagination I am not lacking anything. Technical skills are as important though because you need to make sure you can pass your ideas on without any confusion.

What I found the hardest was the time pressure and also making sure that the images express exactly what I had in mind. My story originally was meant to be a story of a immigrant child who fled to London and tells his views on this big city from his perspective. How overwhelming  the place is and even though it is safer than his native country yet scary for a small child. In the end he adapted to life in London and is thankful for it being his new home. The whole emotional journey was meant to be presented by a train ride.

I absolutely love writing stories and that goes back to childhood and me making my own comic books (which I still have) and writing poems. I have even started writing a book about child’s experience of Auschwitz-Birkenau as when I was younger as I was fascinated by the stories of the concentration camp. When I read it recently when I visited my country I laughed so hard as it seemed so primitive yet I was impressed that my intellectual level and interests as a teenager was great comparing to what some people my age got up to.


A lot of people may not understand that being an artist is not just being able to draw and paint as loads of people can do that but to be able to tell a story and emotionally engage into your work. Personally I believe that the real talent is to use your art to give something extra not just something pretty to look at. Being an artist is not just a gift is a responsibility.

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