Essay film & montage workshops

Without sounding overly excited we are back on doing what I enjoy the most-making a movie sequence. How do I know I enjoy it? My mind is buzzing with ideas and also I have gone through the recommended list of montage sequences and short films like it’s a Bible. Also I remember the days when we were doing an animation last year. This year however topic is not as open so I have to consider more aspects as it has to be connected to Roman Road. Last year I had fun making the animation humorous and slightly controversial but this time I will try to be a bit mysterious, psychologically challenging and slightly disturbing. I know it sounds promising but I will try my best. Those two workshops that we had were definitely very informative.

Part 1 Essay Film & montage

We have discussed the elements of visual essay. It all works well for me as I have decided to write my essay for other module on photography so that brings me closer to the power of image. We discovered how images, that on its own are not saying much, in a sequence can gain brand new meaning. Sequence of images working together can enrich one another and create a narrative story without any use of words. Cropping images with focus on one object can only intensify the mood of the sequence.


Part 2 Montage and Sound

In this session we have discussed the role of sound in movies etc. There is so much to it so I won’t be able to cover it all.


There is a lot going on on the screen but it’s not overwhelming anymore and the knowledge from last year of Adobe Premiere is slowly coming back now.

This exercise automatically generated a lot of ideas in my head on how I want the sound to transition and also overlap with different sounds. Also, I definitely want to use the sound to create a rhythm that will then turn into music. We are not allowed to use music but no one said I cannot create my own by the use of existing sounds. You can dictate the mood of the film and also create a tension indicating what is next to come.

Effective way to make sequence work is to carry the sound, voice across the shots. As our project is about the future that has connection to the past I could use an echo to represent the past=background. There is so much to it so let’s crack on with research.



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