Sound and green screen workshop

Second part of our workshop we spent taking pictures in the animation “tent” and editing it in Adobe Premiere.


Pack of noodles having a photo session. The images taken go straight to Adobe Lightroom and then transferred to Premiere to edit.


What we have focused on is making a montage and applying one image on top of another. First we have removed the background. Doing it in Premiere is so much easier than Photoshop as you can do it here with one click. The accuracy is great as well.


There is loads of effects for us to discover yet. Workshops like this are useful to me as obviously I won’t learn everything that I may need straight away but it refreshes my memory when it comes to use of Adobe Premiere. After each session I try to apply what I have learnt on my own little experimental project. If I don’t know how to do certain effect I can look online as there is plenty of tutorials out there.

Right now I am working with the images and sounds I have collected in Roman Road. This is just to practice.  The more you practice the less overwhelming Premiere is.

Applied children’s drawings on the stone

I have been testing out zoom in effect. Zooming in the image (I will add text on the stone later on) with the sound of a saw makes it very dramatic.

Cannot wait for the workshop where we will find out how to remove white noise and make the primary noise stand out more. In my experiment I would like to cut out the talking in the background and focus on the mechanical saw noise.


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