Riso Printing workshop

In preparation for the rise print I have sketched a tunnel to represent Bethnal Green underground station. Using different mark I was trying to create a movement and an impression of distance.


After that I have used ink and a lollipop stick to make more abstract vision of the tunnel, more dynamic.


First print was in landscape position and I have added the title “Unheard laughter” to explain the theme of my poster a little bit better: children who died in this disaster never got a chance to enjoy their childhood until adulthood. Their lives were cut short.

The figures of the children on the first poster is not very visible as I have used thin lines. It does give it that ghostly effect but the blue colour is covering it too much.

I have done the marks again this time in landscape mode and also thickened the lines of the drawing. Still I haven’t done very well with the positioning of the children.

This is just a play around in my sketchbook adding text in a form of lines coming from the centre and dust also repositioning the children.

More tests from the sketchbook. children in b&w as a memory, past and cut out from the tunnel marks and coloured in.

Cut outs from riso printed poster rearranged

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