Collection book

This project is challenging for me as it includes a lot of graphic design aspects. I enjoy the fact that book is a collection of my work so I can present the pieces that I am proud of.

This year I have created a lot of props and used photography so the challenge now is to make sure the way I present my work isn’t messy and my type and layout doesn’t distract from it.

For the cover I have used the letters I made last year for my plaque. I made those using fabric, needle and thread. This will show what type of work you can expect in the book 3D, interactive. I still need to decide on the colour of the background.


I have decided to use two images of the process and then one big one of the outcome. I have added text explaining the idea and the title. I am still experimenting with layouts as I am not the greatest at it. I need to remember that this is a book but a presentation so need to follow certain rules.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 13.36.35

At the beginning the struggle was how to I put all my images together and how to present it as I have a lot of colourful images and stills from the animation. I decided to present it as strips of images not just to include more but also create a sequence. I may need to make a gap in-between?


I haven’t done much drawing for all the projects so I only included digital work.

For the pages where I will explain the module I decided to keep it simple so as the book is not overloaded yet each page looks different and engaging.


Disregard whats written in there as it will be redone.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 14.09.06.png

Basically I have created shapes, movements with a digital brush using colours that match overall scheme of my book.

For the case studies I decided to redo images of the artists and designers that I picked and include one quote or piece of advice from them. That would be placed in between modules so it won’t be too much in one space.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 14.14.17.png

There is still loads to do but it looks a lot more like a portfolio book.

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