Projection mapping preparation

After talking to one of the tutors who is in charge of projection mapping I am more confident about this project. This is going to be a hard work but I am ready. There is always a hard work behind every masterpiece. Creating the animation was a hard process so I am taking an extra step. The tutor has gone through my animation with me and advised how to deconstruct my animation to make it work on projection mapping and still we don’t know whether some scenes will work as it will all come out in wash.

So now I need to deconstruct my animation and make it ready to be projected on the new set of trees and grass which I will have to make. I am very much keen on giving it a go. I love to challenge myself and I don’t mind the extra work as long as my curiosity and stubbornness is satisfied. I kind of wanted it to be made using projection mapping in the first place so now this is the chance. With me its either bad or great not in-between.

I have made a trip to the art shop to get some stuff to make more props. I found  a sheet that looks like a grass carpet. That will be used as a surface and I can throw few sticks on it and pieces of decorative moss.


There was a variety of colours for the decoration moss and I got few.


Here is some fresh graves mass production.


Also this time my set will be one that you can assemble as with projection mapping as well as animation there are things that you cannot predict so rather than making few sets I will make one “mix & match”.

Mass production of trees in under way as well.


FullSizeRender 5.jpg

I have also made a little fence just in case I need a texture for the background. Better save than sorry.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

I am aware that this is not few hours job but I am determined now to make it work even if I have to come back outside the workshop hours.

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