Professional Project Proposal concept

As a continuation of my research to the space that I could exhibit my work in I have created some 3D visuals for my project using After Effects. I have created lights on the side where the iconic photographs from the disaster would be displayed with crucial facts for those who are not familiar with the disaster.

I have seen a tutorial where you can use 2D image to make it 3D and that gave me an idea of doing a 3D tour around the set up to use in my presentation.

Professional Proposal (0-00-00-00)

This is a set up where I had an idea of having my animation projected onto the props that I have created before.

table with props

Going back to my research because projecting on the actual memorial is very expensive I tried to visualise what would it look like if I recreated a memorial and use it as a projection screen to utilise the costs and make it more doable.

memorial 3d

That was just a test but I will continue to tests things so its more challenging as I know the more challenge the better outcome.

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