Projection mapping test 1

So the day came for me to try and recreate my animation using projection mapping. Those few hours were long and exhausting. I must admit I am crazy with my ideas and not having experience using one projector I took on working with two. One projector for the background and the second for the foreground.

I was thrilled to be have a set up made for me in the animation studio. It’s good to know I can be trusted with the equipment. So the tutor helped me to set up the studio then I was left to my own devices. There was so much to it: two projectors, dslr camera, led light and operating Millumin software for two screens.


That was was a great test for me to see how to approach it next week and how I may have to tweak my animation. That also gave me an idea not to present my animation using projection mapping as I believe my animation will have to compromise which I don’t want to do, but to present some of the elements using it.

There has been a lot going on, some things went wrong but at the same time looked right for some reason.

This is what happens when the background shows through the wrong projector yet somehow I like this image. Note the background was a test JPG.


Scene with a cycling girl and a background.

Working with textured materials for projecting work is just another level. My set of flat, light in colour graves proved to work but still not satisfied. Set had to be places away from the background not to drop shadow on it.


Light on


Light off


What proved the hardest was the lighting. You can’t have too much of it as it will interfere with the projector, yet not enough of it will be difficult to shoot on the camera. Setting up the camera was a challenge. Bright background is beneficial and I think the colours of the one I have worked fine.

Messanger and graves scene

As I couldn’t remove the original eye and almost broke the aliens neck so  I had to make a small, white cardboard circle to project the eye on and make the alien hold it.


As you can see the type is all over the place and the graveyard has too much texture and also it’s too dark. I may have to redo this scene completely and that is why I made a set that you can assemble.


As you can see there is a LED light on the side to give some additional light as the room was pitch dark after switching off the light, things will definitely work a lot better in the animation tent where you have one part dark but still substantial light coming through.

It wasn’t even about what it looks like in real life but on the camera that mattered.


And here is me just having a mental breakdown haha.


I am really happy that I had a chance to do this and next week I can set up the studio by myself as I had to remove the equipment so now I know what to do. Hopefully I will have more time and maybe create a trial for my animation using projection, something like advertisement to promote my animation. Ideas are normally born as I go and I can still rely on my brain not to let me down.

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