Projection Mapping test 2

In this blog I will analyse attempt number two for my projection mapping. This will not be about making excuses why it didn’t quite work out but what challenges and difficulties I have faced and how I tried to resolve it to my best abilities.

I must admit that projection mapping didn’t really go as planned due to some technical issues with the camera. It was disappointing as last time everything was okey with the camera. The camera was flickering and we had to change the settings from PAL to NTSC so basically shooting in American movie mode. Then I encountered yet another problem.


I have looked online and the only solution was to reduce the size of the image or buy some special SD card.

To be honest that was just a drop in the ocean. My idea was way too ambitious and thats the first time really when I have taken on something that is way too advanced for me to complete on my own.

The biggest challenge was the lighting. Bear in mind I have never had any lessons or tutorials on this so I was improvising and testing things as it went. I had an LED light but the projector was releasing too much light sometimes and if that wasn’t the case then the set would be too dark and applying too much light would weaken the projection.

Also the background wasn’t very much focused. Not sure how the previous session had a better quality of images.

I have managed to get few shots though.


As I have explained in my previous blog Projection mapping test 1 some of the footage wasn’t good enough to be projected so I have focused on the opening act and the end.

Projected eye on different texture came out rather interesting.

The idea of making the set that you can assemble yourself was a good idea so I was able to move the trees and graves around.


I was advised to make sure to document the process as I must admit on few occasions I was so engrossed in the process that it skipped my mind.


Using Lightbox was also considered.


Okey so the constant issue was either I use light and compromise the quality of the projection and the focus of the camera cannot be in two places at the same time.

Also each scene needed amending settings on the camera as different light was being used, different distance for the projector etc.


As the second projector wasn’t facing the wall directly but sideways there was yet another challenge to amend the image on the green in Millumin to make it look straight once its projected.

This was a huge learning curve for me to be working with two projectors and the camera and the new software I never used before so I am not being harsh on myself as I know I always aim high and challenge myself a lot.

Here is few tests from the session so you can see it for yourself.

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