Sound analysis

After analysing the sound I was given (check Visual Sound )it has pushed me towards one direction after brain storming initial reactions: Confusion, lack of communication,  efforts to reconnect, unknown, strange. And the key is a brain storm itself. What I mean by that is that the key words made me think that some of those reactions happen when person is going through a stressful time, anxiety or depression when the brain experiences traumatic reactions. I know it may seem deep but this is my initial response to the sound.

What I have also recorded is how it makes me feel when listening to it, as there is a lot of sharp noises it can make you feel irritable and uneasy and because some of the sounds are repetitive it can make you feel like you are in the trance.

My next step was to do more research into changes that happen in the brain when person is subjected to stress. I have highlighted key words which not just match my initial reactions to sound but also indicate what sort of movement, action may occur.

IMG_9187What I have done next is analyse movement of the sound and used the idea from one of our workshops where we were drawing the sound presented to us. We have done that exercise with both open and then closed eyes. What I have noticed is when you have your eyes closed you don’t focus on coming out of the page or how yo draw the lines but on the sound itself. As you have your eyes closed there is no vision you are also led by the touch of your hand either laid on your paper or holding a pen. You seem to be more connected with the sound. img_9191-e1544476693627.jpg

Featured image is a collage of sounds from different students created during workshops and then edited in Illustrator or Photoshop.


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