Visual Sound

So here we go again…Final year excited/stressed/happy/sad/motivated/tired. Yes mixed emotions as this year will be full of challenges not just due to amount of work we will have to do but also preparing what is to come after.

Good news is that I got the studio that I wanted and the studio is ,don’t want to sound cheesy but will, “perfect”.  In the second year I have discovered my creative identity and what I feel comfortable doing, enjoy the best and I may say what I am best at.

We kicked off with first project “visual sound”. We were given a sound each and asked to create a visual response to it.

Here is my quick mind map of initial responses to it.

IMG_8243 2.jpg

The key findings from my sound analysis are lost connection, miscommunication, confusion, disturbance and struggle to regain control but happy ending at the same time.

In my project I want my response to the sound to have a story to it and maybe even a character taking part in it, not just visual representation of sound itself.


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