3D printing

Being introduced to the 3D printing facilities triggered ideas in my head straight away.

In my project I want to create 3 dimensional space with depth of field that would drag the viewer in and create kind of a interactive experience.

I think the best effect might be with digital packages as after creating 3D space you can animate camera to travel around it however it might also be time consuming. On the other hand doing analogue approach can be tricky in the sense that I would have to find a way to use camera so as it can reach small spaces.

This workshop has shown us the possibilities we have.

One of the most advanced 3D printers in the studio.

Smaller yet advanced 3D printer with a prototype printed. You can see that this is perfect to create something very detailed and fragile. Printing detailed pieces may take long hours though.



Some examples of what can be accomplished with 3 D printing.

It’s really fascinating what printers can do. This for example had hinges printed off in a way that it was assembled during printing.

This model we had in the studio is something that I would want to create however I am aware that it might be pricey so I may just stick with traditional hands on approach which I enjoy.


Here is my version on a budget ha. I will experiment with it and then if it works I can expand it.

I want my item to have some textures as I will be experimenting with projection mapping.  When projected on textured material it will have even more interesting effect. I can also play around with the light running through it.

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