Final Major Project: Initial research

My initial research consisted of gathering and summarising my interests, passions and things that I am good at and do it with pure pleasure. As I have found my creative voice I know exactly what I like. I have brainstorm few ideas and hopefully the more I do it the more it will come together.

My interests/themes to explore in my research:

  • adult humour, mockery, ridicule, controversy through cartoons,
  • why we still love cartoons, cartoon fascination and psychological reasons behind it
  • childhood memories and imagination, living in imagination world away from world’s influences

Exploring themes of lost childhood, child imagination, keeping innocence in adulthood, keeping what we lose when we experience adult life

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world”

Diorama and miniatures

As a miniature lover I looked at some examples of dioramas. It fascinates me how little scenery can make you believe you are a part of it and drag you in. Just like when we were kids making our own houses or sceneries to imagine being part of it for real.

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 20.31.26.png

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 09.39.43screen shot 2019-01-15 at 09.38.59

I love especially ones from Malaysian artist Eddie Putera. The detailing is out of this world. He has been doing it for many many years and has a professional studio. One diorama can take him as little as one week. WOW


Dioramas give me sense of wonder, memories of the space contained in it, it’s like you can recreate a moment, space in time, capture a memory and revisit a place that doesn’t exist anymore and memory that is only in your head now. It also gives me a sense of nostalgia and melancholia.

I have also done some research on childhood memory and it was fascinating to find that it can be deceptive, brain fills in gaps with things that may have never happened the it cannot remember things. Also how children memory is mixed with imagination, exaggeration and elements that are not alway accurate. When we grow up on the other hand our imagination and thought process has influences from the world and life either bad or good it does change our way of seeing things. I am not even get into it too deep as I am writing my dissertation on blindness and this topic can wake up a philosopher in me ha.

It was also interesting to read about some fears and worries that we experience as children and it stays with us until adulthood. Our minds are very powerful however still very susceptible to the world we live in. Children have the advantage of imagination overpowering it. That gave me an idea to create sculptures of our childhood fears that are still present.

My initial concept was to recreate my childhood house and place that had two sides to it: my imagination and playful creativity versus hard reality. The power of how children imagination can create a bubble around them to protect them from the “real” world that is not so fun.

Museum of Childhood has always been my favourite place for this type of exploration. It fascinates me how some of the toys are pretty creepy. Especially dolls. Learnt that there is such thing as doll phobia: pediophobia and automatonophobia fear of humanoids, wax figures or any figures designed to represent human figures.

I have also thought of remaking traditional, classic toys with an adult twist or to reflect something that it really isn’t. I have had a go before making a praxinoscope with images from one of my stop motion animations. Didn’t quite work as the image didn’t have much dynamics.


I have used mirror like material which is plastic and its quite hard but soft enough to cut with big scissors. On the picture its still covered with foil so it may seem blurry


I have also bought turn table for my models.img_2065

As you can see from this blog there is currently a storm in my head with ideas and concepts I want to explore more.

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